Meet Spider-S, recognized for its effortlessly deployable and rapidly launchable feature. This compact UAV falls under the small category, designed exclusively for 10L of spray chemicals to safeguard crops. It is a guardian of your farm.

With enduring batteries, Spider-S can shower the field for an extended time. The extended battery life positions it as a cost-effective solution in the long term compared to many UAVs available in the market.

Speaking of longevity, Spider-S is crafted to accompany you through plenty of successful missions. Its straightforward storage and maintenance also contribute to cost-effectiveness, lightening the burden on your pocket.

Due to its robust folding joint, this item boasts a compact form factor, allowing it to be easily transported to any location.

COMRADO Aerospace takes safety as the top priority, and that's why Spider-S is armed with an obstacle avoidance feature. This ensures protection against external threats, providing an extra layer of reliability. After all, Spider-S is not just a drone; it's "Your Precious."

Spray and relax! Yes, thanks to its ability of handling complete missions autonomously so you  can just plan, command and relax.

What comes with the deal: Spider-S, Controller, Charger, Spare batteries, Spare propeller all packed inside a transportation box.

Sensor based Obstacle Avoidance system

Incoming object detection capability from 27 m

Armed with high-speed digital signal processor.

Dual-core architecture signal processing and control unit


10L Tank with durable body

Easy to fill design

Easy to maintain

Foldable Arm

High grade Aluminum based folding mechanism to facilitate transportation

Easy to lock, Faster in deployment


High accuracy GNSS with high-speed communication

Precise location


High-definition camera

Enabled with LED flashlight to navigate in the dark


High speed data transmission

Stable long-distance transmission

Easy to operate

Long lasting battery life

Integrated digital video transmission capability

Spray System

Fan nozzle for Wide Dispersal and finer atomization of spray liquid

Supports high discharge

Light weight design

Low pressure loss

Two hot-swappable batteries for rapid deployment

DGCA certification in process, Category: Small

Seamless flights amid drizzle.

Advanced obstacle circumvention capability

Incorporating elements of indigenous origin

Effortlessly transportable

Capable of managing complex operations


    Flight: 180 cm x 176 cm x 49.5 cm

    Folded: 87 cm x 87 cm x 49.5 cm

Endurance: 15 minutes

Tank capacity: 10L

Range: 3km