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Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer, your role involves creating mechanical components using CAD software, conducting tests to validate designs, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. This position demands creativity, technical expertise, and good knowledge in aerospace, electrical, software, systems, materials science, control systems, manufacturing, and reliability engineering disciplines to create innovative, high-performance UAVs in a collaborative and dynamic environment.

Junior Electrical Engineer

The Electrical Engineer will be responsible for electrical assemblies of UAVs based on the electrical wiring diagrams, followed by conducting QC checks with respective team members and maintain proper assembly QC checklists and handover forms, maintain inventory of all the electrical consumable and non-consumable components, etc. 

Embedded Systems Engineer

As an Embedded Hardware Engineer specializing in the UAV domain, the primary responsibility will be the design, development, and testing of embedded hardware systems for UAV platforms. Additionally, contribution to firmware development to ensure seamless integration with the hardware is also required.

Control Systems Engineer

The Control System Engineer will have the primary responsibility to design, analyze, and test the flight control systems for UAV platforms. Additionally, performing simulations and design of other control systems for other sub systems is also required.

UAV Pilot

The pilot will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of VTOL and fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles for various applications  including tuning, testing and data collection. The role requires meticulous planning, preflight checks, execution, and post-flight analysis  to ensure mission success and data accuracy.