Introducing Spider-C, a rugged multi-copter to suit your cargo delivery needs in commercial areas. It offers a solution for efficient long-distance deliveries.

Proficient in navigating high-altitude regions.

Robust design

Seamless flights amid drizzle.

In-house hot-swapping batteries

Advanced obstacle circumvention capability

Incorporating elements of indigenous origin

Effortlessly transportable

Capable of managing complex operations


    Flight: 200 cm x 190 cm x 60 cm

    Folded: 90 cm x 90 cm x 60 cm

Endurance: 35 minutes

Max Payload Weight: 6kg

Range: 15 km

Deploy it anywhere with confidence, thanks to its robust power plant and avionics capable of sustaining subzero temperatures. These features support the vehicle in challenging conditions such as heavy winds, low temperatures areas. The foldable propellers and arms make it conveniently portable, fitting into a compact box.

Robust Design. It has the ability to withstand harsh environments and remain airborne in dynamic weather conditions mid-flight giving it an extra layer of reliability. Even with the loss of one of its arms, the aircraft successfully navigates its way back home unharmed.

A long range high speed uninterrupted communication network gives the user a confidence to go long miles for delivering cargo or do surveillance.

Is it an emergency? No problem, Spider-C comes with Repeated Deployment capability where anti-spark swappable battery technology helps to do back to back flights without any hesitation. Just switch the battery with the drained one and it is ready to go again.

COMRADO Aerospace takes safety as the top priority, and that's why Spider-M is armed with an obstacle avoidance feature. This ensures protection against external threats, providing an extra layer of reliability. Afterall Spider-C is a luxury.

What comes in the deal: Spider-C, Transmitter, Ground Data Terminal(GDT), Charger, Hot Plug, Spare batteries, Spare propeller all packed inside a transportation box.

Power Source

12MAh in-house battery with rugged casing for long durability

Hot swapping capabilities for repeated deployment

Health monitoring enabled

Easy to carry, Easy to dock


High-Definition Gimbal

camera for surveillance

Compact and Light weight

Featured with digital zoom

Ground Data Terminal

Uninterrupted high speed long-range communication

Long lasting battery life

Compact design with multiple mounting options

Foldable Arm

High grade Aluminum based folding mechanism to facilitate transportation

Easy to lock, Faster in deployment


Dual redundant GNSS receiver

Centimeter-Level positional accuracy in RTK mode.

Cargo Delivery

6kg payload delivery capability

Customizable cargo handling system as per payload requirement

LIDAR (Optional)

360 degrees surround view on horizontal plane for situational awareness

Point LIDARs for precise landing